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#himtoo kampanje for seksuelt trakasserte menn

Dear readers !

In these times of #metoo we have forgotten the other side. For every 3rd woman being sexually harassed there is 1,8 men.

We don’t hear about them. They are silent. Why don’t they speak up, if they really are being harassed? I bet you have thought that every time someone claims men are being harassed too.

The reason is; accepting being sexually harassed is a feeling of loosing their manhood, masculinity and dignity.

Being accepted as a victim is hard for a man. Accepting to BE a victim as a man is harder!

“Will my wife see me as a lesser man?”

“Will my colleague think I’m less of a co-worker and less stable?”

“Will my employees see me as a weak person not fit to lead?”

The reasons are many, and that’s why I hope you all will help me get this campaign #himtoo out through the web, starting here.

All of us KNOWS one man that have experienced sexual harassment, and as long as we let them hide their pain; Then we will never acknowledge the fact that sexual harassment is not about gender- it’s about abusing power!

So i dare you!

Kopier og del 🙂

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